The latest reports suggest that the Government will encourage employees to return to their workplaces from next week.

Employers will be responsible for reassuring staff members that it is safe to return by clearly communicating the preventative measures the business has put in place to control the spread of Coronavirus.

The campaign will launch as many schools in England and Wales prepare to reopen.

A large percentage of the UK’s workforce has adapted to working from home in recent months, with several firms announcing plans to reduce office numbers or even do away with office space completely.

But business leaders fear that the lack of staff in town centres is having a knock-on effect on surrounding businesses.

Transport secretary Grant Shapps added many tasks are “impossible” to carry out remotely, although health secretary Matt Hancock has stated his own belief that where an employee works is less important than what they do.

Elsewhere, union leaders claim that the recent period has changed the way employees work, and that more should be afforded the opportunity to work from home moving forward, while opposition party members have called on the Government to reassure employees that they are not at risk of losing their jobs should they wish to remain at home for health reasons.

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